VR Casino – 2020 brings Virtual Reality into iGaming for real

What has been slowly cooking for the last couple of years is the development of VR, virtual reality. VR Casino has, along with virtual reality within many other markets, been growing more slowly than many people expected. For a couple of years ago, the first vr casino games were launched. But from there, not much has happened. But, now we think it’s finally time for this interesting technology to step into the online casino world.

VR Casino Software & Hardware

vr casinoNowadays, there are some different goggles to use while playing at casinos. Oculus Rift, being the most favoured goggle at the market right now, is used by the majority of operators. Some use Samsung Gear VR instead. These two options are the most frequently used ones among casinos.

Regarding VR casino software are many players interested in knowing what is needed to be able to play. And the answer here is quite easy; nothing. You can play straight at VR casinos websites which makes it very user-friendly and easy-to-use. Even though there aren’t a great range of games at the moment, you can find a casino VR game in the dedicated category for this. Slotsmillion, being one of the sites in the forefront for VR games for online casinos, offers over 40 different slots. Therefore, we think this is the best option if you want to try out a VR casino real money game.

Thoughts about the future of VR in Casino

There are many other casino trends in 2020 that we believe will be big hits. But playing at VR casino online is probably still one of the most thrilling ones. Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Jack VR World are the three top slots in this segment at the moment. And, even though they are fun to pay, we believe there are a lot more to explore here. Many slot games come with big video features, something that would be integrated into real money VR casino games too. And we also hope that there will be new casinos adding this feature, which will probably happen as soon as the market is asking for it. Which we believe will be in the year 2020!