Free Spins 2019

One of the absolute most interesting bonus offers from online casinos is free spins. In order to attract new players, many casinos focus on offering the players something they can’t resist. In 2019, free spins certainly are one of these promotional offers.

UK Casinos free spins 2018

Do you love the slot machines? Many people do. The nay-sayers would say that the slots are an incredibly simple game with no thinking at all and that the house will always have an edge over you, so you will always end up losing money. But this is not far from the truth, there is still something very addictive when it comes to the slots. Perhaps it’s the entire atmosphere of the casino. Maybe it’s the above-mentioned simplicity and the fact that you can relax while playing. Perhaps it’s the colours or the sounds. Either way, there’s no arguing that the slots are one of the most popular casino games in existence. For the latest information on this heading check out They have an updated list where you can find and compare the best free spins 2019 in the UK.

free spins 2019

When it comes to online play, there’s more of the same. The difference is that you can now gamble from the comfort of your own home, without you needing to go out at all. You will need a laptop or a phone, and internet access – and you’re all set. But the best thing about playing the slots at new casinos is the bonus offers that are available for players – especially for new players. One such offer is the so-called free spin bonus.

Details on the free spins bonus

It’s all pretty simple when it comes to the free spins 2019. In most cases, all you will need to do is to make an initial deposit – as simple as that. And with this deposit, you will get the right to use a free spin offer. Now, you can also benefit from other offers at the same time, namely the initial deposit bonus that most casinos offer. But this article will stick around the free spin offer. Most casinos will offer anywhere of 20 to 200 free spins that you can claim when making your first deposit. You may even have the chance to redeem an offer of this kind without even needing to deposit anything – be sure to read the terms and conditions of the casino where you would like to play and use the bonus offers.

Best UK casino free spins offers 2019

Most UK based casinos have a variation of the free spins offer that you can claim. For example, there’s the UK based casino called Spinland, where you will get 50 free spins at your initial deposit.

Another offer just like this one is the offer coming from the casino Casilando and this offer will give you incredible 100 free spins. One side note – both of the offers from above also feature a first deposit bonus on top of the free spins offer. In the end you will get a hefty bonus if you play your cards right.

The final offer that we’d like to mention is that of Play Frank casino, where you can also get 100 free spins upon your initial deposit. As you can see, most UK online based casinos have this offer of free spins 2019, and if you’re smart enough you will be able to claim all of these offers while investing little to no money in the process.