Arcane Reel Chaos Slot

Arcane Reel Chaos is one of the newest games made by Swedish company NetEnt. And with a name like that – it ought to be an outlandish game. So, what kinds of main features does this game have? Are there bonuses? What’s the storyline? Read the article from NewCasino2019 and find out.

The storyline and theme

The Arcane Reel Chaos slot story follows the tried and tested formula of superheroes against an evil villain. The evil villain’s name is Deep Pockets. Why in the world would the NetEnt developers name the most sinister person in the universe (of the slot) Deep Pockets? We sure don’t know. But still – Deep Pockets is the villain and he’s here to get you.

But you’re not alone. There are four heroes that will aid you in your battle. These are Chrono, Flare, Psyop, and Zero.x. The name of the villain is unorthodox – but the names of the heroes are run of the mill. Regardless, we have to commend NetEnt for the visual appeal of the game. There are special effects that will make you feel like you’re watching a real movie. And the atmosphere is set. The villain (apart from the name) and the heroes (apart from the names) are very convincing in their roles. Eventually, you will get to engage in a battle against Deep Pockets himself. And if you’re lucky, you will win.

The features

You may think that this is a special game given the superhero theme. But the truth is that the base setup is rather basic. There are 5 reels with 3 rows. There are 20 fixed pay lines to play on. In this sense, the game is your average run of the mill slot game. One could hope that the next version of this game would be a bit more complex. However, we must mention the fact that there are some exciting features that keep things interesting.

arcane reel chaos slot

The different superheroes all have different superpowers. Psyop will give you stacked wilds – two or three, if you’re lucky. Then there’s Flare. She’ll give you a win multiplier of up to x5. Zero.x can give you 3-5 wild symbols that will fall randomly on the reels. Finally, Chrono will give you a respin after a random loss on the reels. And this is where the money is at. With this feature alone, if you’re lucky, you can get a win of 1212 times of what your original stake was.

And we can’t really leave without having beaten the evil villain, right? Well, if you get three scatters, you will get access to the bonus game. You will fight Deep Pockets on four different levels – the fourth one being the hardest. If you manage to beat him, then you will get the so-called victory bonus.

Arcane Reel Chaos – In conclusion

So, Arcane Reel Chaos is a simple game. But believe that the special features and the beautifully drawn and animated theme will keep you captivated. It can be very fun and it’s deeply satisfying to finally beat Deep Pockets. Not to mention – it can be highly lucrative, too!