Hanzo’s Dojo Slot

Here’s a very charming game made by Yggdrasil. It goes by the name of Hanzo’s Dojo. For those of you that don’t know – Yggdrasil has made many slot games. And their slot games are top-tier. So, if you’re after some genuine fun, then you will do well to play Hanzo’s Dojo. Below you will get to learn some more about the theme of the game and its main features.

Theme of the game

hanzos dojo slot yggdrasilThere’s a beautifully drawn and animated introductory video to Hanzo’s Dojo. In this video, you will see a tranquil Japanese martial arts dojo. Then ninja stars will start flying and a sumo wrestler will come out, busting the training dummy. So, this game is all about the Japanese olden culture of the way of the martial arts.

The music is also very tranquil and soothing. You can literally lose yourself in the game’s beautiful atmosphere. There are pink threes in the background and a pink sky. You will literally feel like you’re in a Japanese martial arts dojo. And then you’re off to the gameplay

Gameplay of Hanzo’s Dojo

The base game is very simple. There are 25 pay lines in total. There are also three reels and five rows. You can pick if you want to bet with coins or hard cash. When it comes to cash bets – the lowest bet you can make is 0.10 EUR. The biggest bet is 125 EUR. There is a number of different symbols in the game. Most of them are random martial arts characters. There also some Japanese circular symbol. Just hit the spin button and hope for the best.

Special features of Hanzo’s Dojo

If you start the game, you will see that there is one special row of three reels above the main reels. Here you can make some special combinations for extra wins. The thing that you can look forward to is getting a wild symbol. By getting a wild symbol here – it will expand to cover the entire row below. There’s also the Hanzo Spins symbol. If you get three of these, then you will get three spins. The special feature here is that there will be a 3×3 symbol covering the reels during the spins. Also, you can get a number of free spins by getting three or more scatter symbols. There are also some useful boosters that will get you big winnings.

In conclusion

Hanzo’s Dojo is truly one of the most charming slot games that we have played. If you’re interested in playing it – then you should definitely give it a try at a new casino 2019.